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Express Care Clinic is a facility providing Urgent Care & Family Medicine. We are dedicated to providing quality, personalized, culturally competent, and cost effective health care to every individual and their entire family. We can treat many of the same conditions that you would go to an Emergency Room, including treatment of various illnesses and infections; minor scrapes and broken bones; professional physicals; X-ray; lab services; and preventative medicine. Minor surgical procedures including skin biopsies, suturing and removal, and wound care are also offered at our facility faster and for a lower cost. Generally, patients only spend less than 5 minutes in the waiting room before being seen.

Our vision is to develop and integrate a health care system that will continually set the standard for high quality health care services at an affordable cost and value for each and every patient.

The Urgent Care Center is open 6 days a week and NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED! For Family Medicine questions simply choose the desired date and time by calling us at (407) 475-3366 to make an appointment.



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