Discount Service


 New Patient Discount Coupon

Our purpose is to be a model urgent care / walk-in clinic that is willing to help people in our community. By offering discounts for medical visits, we strive to provide affordable medical services and in doing so, help the community with discount coupons to first time patients. Since there are a limited amount of these coupons; we validate and create pre-registration for you. You can walk in at any time during office hours to visit the urgent care and use your coupon within the 5 days. If your coupon is not used after 5 days, the Pre-registration cancels and your coupon will go to the next person seeking immediate urgent care. If you feel you would like to visit the urgent care at a later time feel free to come back to the website and pre-register again for a new valid coupon, we are always trying to accommodate your needs. Below are detailed instructions on how to Pre-register and receive your coupon; when you are ready just click on the coupon to make your pre-registration.



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